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Why should you explore virtual reality for treatment of your phobia?

Specific Phobias are a form of anxiety disorders. Phobias can develop from various triggers including a past trauma,  stressful situation, hyperventilation problems or  anxiety that over-generalizes .  Panic  attacks and fear of the discomfort that becomes associated with certain environments drives avoidance . Research has established that overcoming a phobia requires exposure therapy. This type … Continue reading Why should you explore virtual reality for treatment of your phobia?

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How can I manage Panic Attacks using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and prevent Phobias and Anxiety Disorders from Developing

Panic attacks are periods of intense anxiety that can be brought on for a number of different reasons. Sometimes they occur spontaneously because of ongoing stress, or because you are worried and anticipate a bad situation. To learn how to prevent panic attacks from developing into a full anxiety disorder and Phobia using CBT

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Help for Fear of Flying Using Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy

The VRBP (Virtual Reality Biofeedback Program ) is based largely on psychological principals of Exposure therapy and Desensitization. Exposure is delivered through the virtual reality simulator and relaxation training occurs using state of the art biofeedback. Using biofeedback allows you to develop the proper neurological relaxation response and ensures you are you doing it correctly. The change in your system occurs when you are locked into the “relaxation response” using biofeedback while simultaneously being exposed to the flight situations- this reprograms the nervous system to associate new emotions with flying and release anxious feelings.

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