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Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown NYC: Stop Self Blaming Thinking

  Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown Cognitive therapy depression midtown: Tips on Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown NYC If you are someone who suffers from depression or sadness you probably experience: Hopeless thoughts about your self and your capabilities Feelings of sadness, irritability or boredom Loss of concentration, focus and memory problems A sense of … Continue reading Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown NYC: Stop Self Blaming Thinking

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Behavior Therapy For Social Anxiety

Behavior Therapy for Social Anxiety If you are someone who suffers with social anxiety then no doubt you may experience: Uncomfortable physical sensations, such as panic, fast heart rate, shallow breathing. Shyness around other people you are unfamiliar with or those who intimidate you Thoughts of self doubt and self-judgement around others A tendency to … Continue reading Behavior Therapy For Social Anxiety

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Stop Automatic thinking and reactive behavior-tips from NYC Cognitive Therapist & Psychologist Dr. Albin

Tips from Cognitive Behavior Therapist of New York and Clinical Psychologist of New York, Dr. Jayme Albin
“Cognitive Behavior Therapy” at its very essence involves developing self awareness of one’s thinking and how if effects your day to day life and relationships. Understanding Automatic thoughts is a good place to start this process (called metacognitive process). Automatic thoughts are the thoughts and images that involuntarily pop into our conscious (or just below if they are habitual). They make up how we “read” a situation. Understanding your automatic thoughts can influence change in a variety of situations.

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Tips to Set New Year’s Resolutions that keep you motivated!

So should we we bother to set resolutions and reflect on the past if it will only put us in a bad mood ?

Well on the flip side, if done correctly, reflecting on the past and setting intentions for the future does hold a lot of psychological value and research supports that it CAN help us feel more satisfied and motivated. Yeah 🙂

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Do we discount the value of our own investments in our professional and personal relationships?

Developing a deeper understanding of what is expected of you based on what you are contributing can be the difference between doing something begrudgingly & eventually becoming resentful and carrying out a task because it brings you value and a sense of self accomplishment and harmony in your systems and relationships.

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