• Do you have remnants of a trauma impacting your life today?   Whether you have experienced a traumatic past due to your childhood,  an abuse relationship, or a life threatening event,  post trauma stress left untreated can have serious impacts on  quality of life.

      It can impact your overall perception of yourself reducing self esteem; your view of others impacting trust and commitment in relationships and it can impact your view of the world, altering expectations of life creating anxiety, sadness and strong unnecessary negative reactions.

      Other symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms often include hyperventilation,  hyper alertness , hyper-vigilant  (strong negative reactions), flashbacks of negative  images, nightmares, insomnia, emotional states such as depression , anxiety, anger.

      Our programs combine Cognitive Behavior Therapy, EMDR and Yoga/Biofeedback therapy. EMDR and Cognitive Behavior Therapy are the recommended treatments for trauma related problems (PTSD). The EMDR removes emotional and cognitive attachment to past trauma, the Cognitive behavior therapy instills positive and motivating new thoughts and beliefs by challenging faulty attitudes and expectations and we use biofeedback to teach you sensory somatic system deep relaxation abilities that go beyond “just relaxing” and engaging in a true relaxation response. For more information READ my ARTICLE  on EMDR/CBT combined

      Click here to see Dr. Albin live on the Montel WIlliams show
      Click here to see Dr. Albin live on the Montel WIlliams show

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      Dr. Jayme Albin is an expert  Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist, She is expert in treating anxiety disorders and trauma. She trained at the 3 major hospitals in New York City. She has authored 2 books and contributed or written several hundred articles on CBT, anxiety, trauma.



    • Dr. Albin in the NY Post on anxiety & phobias
      Dr. Albin in the NY Post on anxiety & phobias
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