• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven to be the most  effective form of anger management therapy.  Are you experiencing ongoing or regular feelings of internal frustration to outbursts of  anger? Are you having trouble letting go of past resentments? Are you regularly annoyed and irritated by life hassles to the point where you feel like you cannot cope?  Can you handle being told no? Anger has many costs including but not limited to undue stress on your own  immune system, hurts relationships and creates negative attitude about the world around you.

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      When you are angry it is because some part of you feels threatened or unfairly treated and it creates thoughts, emotions, physical sensations that urge your actions. This can be a bad cycle since your body/brain can become addicted to feeling hostile.



      Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Combined EMDR/Yoga Therapy Programs for anger management works on changing

      •  negative beliefs and assumptions
      • teaches rational thinking and optimal decision making
      • key assertion and conflict resolution communication skills
      • provides positive psychology exercises (gratitude and appreciation)
      • Processing/Hypnosis/EMDR sessions works on releasing emotional baggage that cloud your thought process today
      • relaxation training and exercises with biofeedback
      • Emotional EQ development understand your thoughts and emotions and how to regulate them better
      •  We believe we need to help you with tools to use in the moment when you are angry, as well as teach you strategies to calm down and problem solve. Our goal is to help you create new automatic habits 
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      Dr. Jayme Albin expert in Cognitive Behavior Psychologist & Yoga Therapist Biofeedback, EMDR

      Dr. Jayme, Licensed NYS Psychologist and Yoga Instructor, The Cognitive Behavioral Therapist-NY uses a program that combines CBT, biofeedback, EMDR and yoga therapy to to provide clients with use skills that manage anger , For more information contact The Cognitive Behavior Therapist NY Dr. Jayme Albin info@CBT-NewYork.com or call at (212) 631-1131 today.