• Cognitive behavior therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on the relationship between your thoughts, behaviors and feelings. It is one of the few forms of psychotherapy that has been scientifically researched and found to be effective in hundreds of clinical trials for many different disorders.

      Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) differs from other forms therapy in that it is more focused on the present, more time-limited, and problem-solving and goal oriented. In sessions clients learn specific skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. These skills involve identifying distorted thinking, modifying beliefs, relating to others in different ways, and changing behaviors.

      Our sessions combine CBT with  schema therapy, EMDR, Biofeedback, Virtual Reality or Yoga Therapy when necessary/appropriate with the clients goals.  Dr. Jayme Albin has been treating clients using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in NYC since 2003. She wrote the “Official Idiot’s Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”

      Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Dr Jayme include interactive sessions that uncover attitudes and work on strategies in and out of the session to recondition thinking and create rational and optimal decisions. Out of session homework helps to create long lasting changes in thinking and developed for identifying and modifying dysfunctional types of thinking and behaving.

      Cognitive Behavior therapy for focuses on particular thoughts, sensations and behaviors that reinforce negative patterns. The goal of the therapy is to  incorporate positive, healthy, rationale and optimal types of thinking, behaviors, emotions and sensations in association with situations and in still as sense of well being into the clients life through a sense of control, esteem and security.

      Cognitive Behavioral therapy CBT NYC
      Dr. Jayme author of “The Official Idiots Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”