• Anxiety/Phobia Therapy NYC

    Is this you? ”

    • Do you feel an intense amounts of panic or anxiety in situations that others  seem to find  harmless ?
    • Do you find the need to escape or avoid situations?
    • Do you feel a sense of relief when you finally get away?
    • Do you experience racing thoughts about danger or harm as you approach these situations?
    • Do you find yourself becoming irritable  and moody or drinking or eating alcohol or junk food as these situations approach?
    • Do you feel sad and get down on yourself for not being able to achieve certain goals?
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      Clinical Psychologist In New York City providing psychotherapy, yoga therapy, CBT, EMDR and more

    Common anxiety phobias in  New York or other urban cities  like New York City include:

    Fear of Flying, Driving, Bridges, Tunnels, Elevators, Heights, Closed in spaces, Lines, Open areas. Subways, Buses, Stadiums, Noisy places.

    Others forms of anxiety include random panic attacks, panic attacks in your sleep, anger out burst when agitated, social anxieties or feelings of being uncomfortable around others.  Anxiety can lead to compulsive or obsessive problems and/or sleep problems.

    Dr Albin is an expert in the clinical treatment of anxiety disorders. She has  done  extensive clinical training, researching, delivering treatment  and supervision in the area of anxiety disorders.  Her training includes working at the child and adolescent Depression & Anxiety Clinic at Columbia, the Anxiety & Traumatic Stress Program at Cornell and at the Compulsive and Impulsive Disorder program at Mount Sinai. In 2008 Dr. Albin published a book on the treatment of fear of flying using biofeedback and virtual reality therapy and in 2014 co-authored The Idiots Guide to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (penguin Publisher). She also appeared on National Television as an anxiety expert ( Dr. Oz,  Montel Williams Show) (http://www.youtube.com/user/DrJaymeAlbin). I

    Our offices offer a state of the art 8-12 week   Biofeedback, CBT and Virtual/Behavior Therapy Program for Phobias and Anxiety disorder. Long term therapy is also available when appropriate and/or necessary.


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