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Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown NYC: Stop Self Blaming Thinking

  Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown Cognitive therapy depression midtown: Tips on Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown NYC If you are someone who suffers from depression or sadness you probably experience: Hopeless thoughts about your self and your capabilities Feelings of sadness, irritability or boredom Loss of concentration, focus and memory problems A sense of … Continue reading Cognitive Therapy For Depression Midtown NYC: Stop Self Blaming Thinking

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Staying Conscious of your Mood and Mind

Be aware since -even small irritations or stressor influence how we process information and therefore effecting automatically your thinking style. Think about how quickly at times you can go from an open attitude to a defensive one. When we feel stressed it effects how you perceive the world and your own existence . Most likely you will see things are more threatening and problematic until your emotions simmer.

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Protect your Self Esteem with CBT

CBT for Self Esteem.Self esteem can broken down into 2 different levels. Implicit self-esteem and explicit self-esteem, which entails more conscious and reflective self-evaluation..Both types of self esteem are learned responses and therefore can be changed to include different responses.

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Stop Procrastination: An Interview with Dr. Jayme Albin, of “Ask The Cognitive Behavior Therapist”!

Procrastination is more than just being lazy or inability to follow through, its about self control problems and a belief that there is one ideal way to approach a problem or task.

If you are looking to work towards overcoming these habits the first place to start is by UNDERSTANDING your mental rules and automatic thoughts that overlay your behavior and then DECIDING FIRMLY to do something about it.

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Deciding your direction: Are you stuck in “Right” vs “Best”?

Decision anxiety can be driven by a number of reason but a common phenomenon observed is the concept of searching for “THE RIGHT decision” rather than the “the best solution” or “a good decision”. For those who are in search of the “THE RIGHT decision” they are often foolishly led by perfectionist ideals characterized by a desire to not just to maximize their resources, but by the belief that they must make one decision that satisfies their needs 100%. However, as our lives develop and become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to make decisions that satisfy all elements involved. Failure to grasp and accept this concept, often leads to internal conflict, dissonance and arousal; triggering the desire to renegotiate the decision process, perpetuating the cycle.

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The CBT’s: Ten Ways to Stop Avoidance

If you find yourself repeatedly avoiding situations because you feel uncomfortable or nervous, the best remedy to cure your anxiety is to not deter yourself from these situations. The more you avoid, the worse your anxiety will get.Some basic ideas on how not to avoid and making approaching anxiety situations easier:

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Ask the CBT: Are non decisions cluttering your life?

Decision by default is the decision making process that results when no active decision is made. This results in perpetual “non-decisions”, leading to inert behaviors such as procrastination, clutter, and avoidance. Which may add up to someone feeling overwhelmed or bored due to consistent isolation or disorganization.

Non-decisions can leave you with a cluttered life, but they also can prevent you from acquiring things in your life that you really want since acquisition usually requires a definitive decision. Making decisions helps us to set goals and makes its more likely that we will achieve those goals.

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