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Self efficacy a Key to Success

Can acknowledging our own resourcefulness, “mental toughness” and stick-to-itiveness be the fundamental difference between success and failure? Empirical research has shown that belief in one’s ability to cope is a stronger predictor of success than objectively possessing the knowledge and operations skills necessary to get the task done.

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Cognitive Skills: A simple approach to Meditation

Many people who have not been exposed to meditation in the correct manner discount its value simply because they do not understand that meditation is a skill that needs to be developed. The concept is similar to learning to stand on a balance beam: every time you “fall off” you must get right back on and attempt to refocus your attention. If you are committed to multiple trials within a set period of time (say 15 minutes a day), overtime your ability to mediate will increase and you will reap the many mental and physical rewards.

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Life Model

I find that most people have more insight into their poker or blackjack strategy than they do when it comes to their relationships, their careers or emotional well being. They might have a strategy in place when it comes to tackling major cross roads, but what about the thoughts that guide the daily behaviors. Ironically, these are the ones that usually go unnoticed as they occur, but overtime seems to add up, determining our course. Thus leading us up or down the stream or wavering back and forth.

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