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Yoga as Therapy?

As a Clinical Psychologist and soon to be a certified Yoga Instructor (Kundalini Yoga in May 2011), I found myself giving out “prescriptions” of specific breathing and meditations to patients so they can heal their nervous system and balance their hormones while we work together to modify thoughts and behaviors.

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Getting some zzz’s. Get your sleep on track

Sleeping is an involuntary biologically necessity, that responds to the many things including the outside world. Our bodies’ get tired naturally at night and become more alert in daylight, but other environment factors can influence your cycle. If your lifestyle has taken this cycle off course then the best approach is to reset your cycle with structure. Here are some quick tips to help you sleep more soundly:

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Cognitive Skills: A simple approach to Meditation

Many people who have not been exposed to meditation in the correct manner discount its value simply because they do not understand that meditation is a skill that needs to be developed. The concept is similar to learning to stand on a balance beam: every time you “fall off” you must get right back on and attempt to refocus your attention. If you are committed to multiple trials within a set period of time (say 15 minutes a day), overtime your ability to mediate will increase and you will reap the many mental and physical rewards.

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