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Tips on how to optimize holiday stress and avoid stress overload

Optimize Holiday Stress: Avoid Stress from becoming distress-Tips from Dr. Jayme, Ph.D Health Psychologist and Yoga Instructor. Can you avoid stress from becoming distress this holiday season? For many people the holiday season can mean a time of additional stress. This can  quickly turn into  distress.   How can you avoid stress from becoming distress? The … Continue reading Tips on how to optimize holiday stress and avoid stress overload

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Automatic Thinking..Reactive Behavior

Automatic thoughts are the thoughts and images that involuntarily pop into our conscious (or just below if they are habitual). They make up how we “read” a situation and are assumed to be “True” at the time they are generated.  Reactive behavior is based on automatic thinking.Understanding your automatic thoughts  can influence change in a variety of situations.

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Deciding your direction: Are you stuck in “Right” vs “Best”?

Decision anxiety can be driven by a number of reason but a common phenomenon observed is the concept of searching for “THE RIGHT decision” rather than the “the best solution” or “a good decision”. For those who are in search of the “THE RIGHT decision” they are often foolishly led by perfectionist ideals characterized by a desire to not just to maximize their resources, but by the belief that they must make one decision that satisfies their needs 100%. However, as our lives develop and become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to make decisions that satisfy all elements involved. Failure to grasp and accept this concept, often leads to internal conflict, dissonance and arousal; triggering the desire to renegotiate the decision process, perpetuating the cycle.

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