• Expert Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Videos

    Expert Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Anxiety NYC

    We offer many therapy services in Midtown NYC or via teletherapy. To learn more about our cognitive behavioral therapy services and more therapy services offered please watch these short videos on our services and types of conditions and problems treated.

    Video 1: Dr Jayme The Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist of NYC on treatments for anxiety, stress, trauma and phobias.

    CBT NYC Video 2

    Dr Albin The Cognitive behavioral Therapist of NYC speaking about  therapy programs that use Cognitive behavioral Therapy , ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), EMDR, biofeedback therapy and mindfulness, virtual reality therapy for Anxiety and phobia therapy, depression therapy treatments with CBT and EMDR and CBT programs for trauma (PTSD) and abuse.

    Expert Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Anxiety NYC
    Click here to see Dr. Albin live on the Montel WIlliams show