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      Psychology techniques are not just for the therapy couch these days, today many executives, career minded people, and organizations consult with psychologist for valuable ways to improve work performance, as well as the experience for their employees and customers.

      If you, members of your staff or customers  are feeling stressed, angry or worried as a result of interacting with your work environment including other people this can be costly to your bottom line.

      Research shows that negative emotions of anger, worry and exhaustion can lead to shifts in attitudes about work, colleagues, career goals.  Shifts in attitudes about work or colleagues can can cause unhealthy competition or a sense of overwhelming anxiety leading to destructive behaviors like distraction, reduced support, lack of communication,  procrastination, emotional outburst and eventually job turnover.

      By integrating the latest research in Psychology and Neuroscience into your management/career plan you can overcome many of these problems .

      Dr Jayme offers group and individual executive coaching in person or through our virtual office platform. Now you can receive Executive Coaching CBT and Yoga Therapy in your office through our hippa compliant virtual therapy program.

      Features of our personalized CBT Executive Coaching programs include

      Executive Coaching Program/Success Identity Program

      • Develop a Success Identity: Evaluate Core needs and Identify Positive Traits Central to your personal career success and happiness at work
      • Mind “Flow” Practice- Brain Techniques to condition a positive and focused, stress-free mindset,
      • Building Positive Work Place Habits
      • Finding balance in the workplace between emotional needs and instrumental value Mental Accounting: Stop Reaction and emotional thinking. Overcome unnecessary perfectionist thinking. Dealing with rejection and criticism
      • Decisions Making Strategies: Learn to think like an economist and become more Rational and efficient in your decisions

      Emotionally Intelligent Leader/Colleague

      • Develop a Success Identity for leading and motivating others: Identify and develop emotional intelligence skills
      • Learn motivation skills to lead a cohesive happy
      • Overcoming a competitive model within a team, creating positive shared meaning
      • Conflict resolution : the why vs. the what of resolving conflict
      • Communication skill building : Assertion styles: how and when to be assertive

      For more info on programs visit here or contact CBT NYC directly at info@cbt-newyork.com 212-631-1133


    • Executive Coaching NYC


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