• General Anxiety Disorder

    • imageWorrying is a normal part of life but if you are worrying too much of the time, you might have General Anxiety Disorder.

      Those with General Anxiety Disorder find it difficult to control their worries, and have accompanying anxiety and apprehension in excess. This can also produce physical symptoms such as being restlessness, muscle tension, headache, stomach aches, general irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and appetite changes. The anxiety or physical symptoms caused by General Anxiety Disorder creates significant disturbances in everyday New York City life and can make any situation that contains uncertainty intolerable and paralyzing.

      Combining CBT, biofeedback therapy and yoga therapy is an extremely effective in overcoming GAD and the symptoms. Clients learn to challenge faulty beliefs and hidden assumptions when dealing with uncertain situation, to calm their bodies and minds and to make decisions & problem solve.

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    • General Anxiety Disorder



      Dr. Jayme Albin is a Licensed Psychologist and Yoga Instructor

      She has been treating clients with anxiety and related behavioral, emotional, cognitive and somatic problems in New York City since 2003 with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, biofeedback therapy, Yoga therapy, Emotion/trauma releasing EMDR and coaching .

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      Dr. Jayme author of “The Official Idiots Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”
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      Dr. Jayme Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Instructor