• Personality Assessment

    • What is a personality Assessment? Personality Assessment is the psychological testing, scoring and evaluation of the clientís personality traits and styles. Clients are asked to complete self report questionnaires and sit for clinical interview

    • Personality Assessment

    • What are the benefits of a personality Assessment?

      Personality assessment allows a person to understand why the make the decisions they make and behave the way they do.

      Personality tests assist in revealing problems and can help people better understand their mental blocks so they can work towards removing them. This includes ADHD & learning disability assessment. In therapy, Personality Assessment (or personality test), can be an invaluable psychotherapeutic tool to help diagnose psychological problems and evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.

      What are the uses of personality assessments?

      There are many functional uses to personality assessments including screen hiring decisions of potential employees or volunteers, career decisions and understanding relationships. In many cases a personality assessment will be part of a larger evaluation to gain permission for extended time on a scholastic situation or to grant a prescription for a companion therapy dog for anxiety.

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