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    Q: Do you take insurance?
    A: We take all out-of-network plans. Clients are responsible for the deductible and co-insurance amounts. We handle all of the hassles, including finding out how much of your deductible remains and submit electronically for payment. To use insurance please send your information including your full name, DOB, address, ID number and plan name. Plus a digital picture of the front and back of your card.

    Q: How much are sessions? A: Session rates for those not using out of network insurance range from  $300 -$400. Rate depend on type of services, length of program and time of session. Those with out of network insurance plans are responsible for your plan deductible and coinsurance payments. We pass along plan discounts to clients. Please contact our billing dept for assistant info@cbt-newyork.com 

    Q: How long are cognitive behavior therapy sessions?

    A: Our cognitive behavior therapy in NYC or via skype therapy sessions are usually scheduled for 50 minutes.  We may schedule a  80 min session depending on clients needs.

    Q: How often do clients and Dr. Albin have therapy sessions?
    A: In the beginning of  cognitive behavior therapy or EMDR therapy sessions are held weekly.  In some cases twice a week is recommended. After some goals have been achieved, progress has been determined and skill have been achieve we may decide to meet every other week. Sessions are held either in the office in Midtown NYC or via phone sessions or skype therapy/teletherapy sessions.

    Q: What is the average duration of therapy?
    A: Each program is unique designed based on the clients needs and challenges. We lay out a strategic plan that involves goals. Clients often achieve their first tier of goals within 4-8 sessions;  most clients’ goals and therefore  programs are designed to extend at least up to 16 weeks.  Some clients continue to set goals and  programs extend beyond. Some clients maintain an ongoing therapeutic/ coaching relationship to continuously work on emotional skills, enhancing mental strength and performance  and detox from stress that impacts relations and health.

    Some clients resolve symptoms and complete their basic goals but stay on in therapy because they benefit from other elements such as processing situation.

    Virtual Reality therapy for phobias and anxiety therapy programs involving CBT and Biofeedback usually last from 8 – 16 weeks depending on the goals, length and intensity of the problem. Regardless of whether or not patients continue on all patients at the end of 3 sessions report noticeable benefits and after 16 weeks have been able to make significant and noticeable changes to their lives.

    Mental Performance clients we offer short term programs and longer range programs from any where from 4 to 52 sessions annually.


    Q: Do you offer phone or Skype sessions?
    A: Yes. It works just like a regular appointment.

    Q: What is the cancellation policy?
    A: 72 hours cancellation to prevent the service charge.

    Q: What are your hours?
    A: Dr. Albin sees clients on Monday through Thursday morning, afternoons and evenings from 8am to 8pm. She is currently only taking on new clients for Tues and Wednesdays in her Midtown NYC Office. She offers new patients tela-therapy on Mon and Thursdays.