• Dating Therapy

    • Q: What is CBT dating therapy? During dating therapy sessions clients discuss prior relationships and re-evaluate unrealistic and negative expectations and attitudes about dating. Clients also work on self esteem boosting exercise, address social anxiety/shyness and address bad habits that interfere with a success intimate romantic relationship. Dr. Jayme Albin provides personality assessments and psycho-education on personality types and relationships. Recommended readings that are an adjunct to therapy will be offered to reinforce therapy discussions.

    • Dating Therapy

    • Q: Who is CBT dating therapy right for? Dating therapy can benefit clients who have a hard time meeting and connecting with romantic partners, for clients who have a hard time managing a healthy relationship that includes dealing with another personís interests, needs and personality style while maintain a strong connecting to their inner self, independence and connection with others and for clients who want to explore their current relationship.

      Q: What happens in CBT dating therapy sessions? Like other CBT sessions clients reevaluate negative attitudes and behaviors that interfere with long term goals. Clients discuss past relationships and how it has shaped their current expectations and hidden assumptions and beliefs about dating, themselves and others. Dr. Jayme will also offer education about healthy relationships, practical coaching advice, behavior assignments and work on enhancing your self esteem by enhancing the characteristics of yourself that are most attractive. You can review your dating profile, learn how to make a great first impression and understand blind spots that have interfered with intimacy and love in the past.

      Q: Dr. Jayme Albin is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in Manhattan, NYC and experienced dating therapy coach. She will show you how to start getting results and how to spot and weed out the wrong people while attracting the right ones. By creating an individualized dating action plan and setting goals, you will be on your way to finding a healthy, satisfying and lasting relationship. Manhattan Dating Therapy Expert Dr. Jayme Albin will help you:

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