• Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobia & CBT Anxiety Therapy

    Phobias are a form of anxiety disorders. Phobias can develop from various triggers including a past trauma or related event, stress, hyperventilation problems and anxiety that over generalize from panic attacks or fear of discomfort that becomes associated with certain environments.

    Research says that overcoming a phobia requires exposure ! Research says that exposure with  Virtual Reality Therapy (VRET) for phobias when combined with biofeedback and Cognitive behavioral therapy has the highest effectiveness rate and the most long lasting effects (over 90% success rate with 3 year follow up). Average number of treatment sessions is 8-12. 

    Watch this video to learn more about our CBT anxiety treatments in NYC featuring Virtual reality therapy for phobia and anxiety. 

    Dr. Albin is author of “Treating Fear of Flying Using Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy”
    Dr. Albin is author of “Treating Fear of Flying Using Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy”


    Dr. Jayme is an expert in using Virtual reality therapy and biofeedback for treating phobias and anxiety disorders. In 2009 she published her research on Treating Fear of Flying using Virtual Reality and Biofeedback. You can find that on amazon

    She has spoken at International Conferences (including at the United Nations), on National television and several Panels and has been quoted in major publications (such as the NY Post) as an expert on the  treatment of  anxiety with virtual reality and biofeedback therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

    Dr. Albin speaking at the UN on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    CBT NYC anxiety expert

    Dr Albin on Montel Williams talking about Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety ..watch the video


    Dr. Albin in the NY Post on anxiety & phobias in NYC

    Why is Virtual Reality Therapy for phobias useful?

    Exposure gives the brain  the opportunity to learn to feel calm in the situation.   Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias and anxiety problems gives the benefit of prolonged, safe exposure. The Virtual Reality Therapy software program allows your brain to feel anxious just enough to help you learn to reset your physical and mental associations with the trigger. 

    Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias
    New Samsung Virtual Reality System and www.psious.com for Phobias

    In our virtual reality treatment of phobias and anxiety we  deliver the exposure  to the patient in the new Samsung and Psious Virtual Reality Therapy system controlled and prolonged manner so that the patient can build mastery of coping skills, become desensitized to the phobic event and learn to stay calm.

    Why use biofeedback and yoga therapy?

    We combine this with biofeedback so that we can see changes in your physical sensations such as heart rate, breathing and sweat. We use this as measure of how you are feeling since the body gives us a lot of information and anxiety is very physical.

    Biofeedback screen for a client engaging in deep relaxation cognitive exercises. The graph lets them know they are doing it correctly.

    Biofeedback screen for a client engaging in deep relaxation cognitive exercises. The graph lets them know they are doing it correctly.Biofeedback & Virtual Reality Therapy We combine the virtual reality experience with biofeedback to help regulate and control the patients physical arousal and again build mastery of their body and brains’ functioning.

    Core Beliefs  Virtual Reality Therapy  The combination of the prolonged exposure therapy of the virtual reality and biofeedback allows for the patients’ fear to become less capturing and allows for the patient to reintegrate new core beliefs such as “I am safe. I can breathe. I can be present”.

    Have you tried this type of treatment in the past but it did not feel comfortable or real enough? Well  Our office just signed up to be a part of the new expert network for www.psious.com which uses the new galaxy goggles and the latest technology from a smart phone to deliver the best visual  virtual environments of planes, elevators, bridges, social and public speaking events and more. This protocol of virtual reality therapy also delivers relaxation training through visual systems that teach you how to control your breath and take advantage of the feature of the visual cortex.

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