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    Mental Strength Training Program

    Mental Strength training and coaching  can help you perform off the court.

    Decades of research in Sports and Performance psychology have shown that anyone who has to perform can benefit from performance and mental strength training programs.

    Whether you are a Professional athlete, student, professional performer (singer, actor, dancer, musician), entrepreneur, corporate professional (sales, manager, executive,  assistant) or health care professional you want to be able to perform at your best.

    Universities are now looking for students who have been involved in life science programs to demonstrate that they have the ability to focus, plan and execute strategically while under pressure. Professional companies are also looking to hire employees who are able to manage themselves well under pressure and out perform associates especially during times of stress, demonstrating they know how to achieve goals, stay motivated and at the level of confidence needed for success.

    My mental strength training and coaching programs are based on scientifically evidenced based techniques combine Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Sports Psychology and Performance Psychology .

    What are the benefit of a  mental strength program?

    • Cognitive Strategies to build mental flexibility and resiliency skills
    • Coaching to sharpen and develop healthy routines that achieve goals
    • Mindfulness and breathing exercises to detox from stress, inspire creativity and motivation
    • Exercises to improve optimal decision making skills
    • Self talk and visual imagery techniques to enhance your performance and train your brain to believe in your own success
    • Emotional Intelligences skills so that you understand others, develop strong boundaries, negotiation  and communication skills 
    • Learn to  regulate and fuel energy from stress

    How does the process work? We start with an initial 15 minute phone call to establish your basic needs and address your immediate questions. We then meet for a face to face or skype 60 min session and begin to create a blue print of your goals and challenges, from there I develop a plan of action plan that of how we will work together to build your mental strength. It is recommended that we meet weekly or do a phone or skype session for the initial 6 weeks. After that we re-assess and determine the schedule. Often clients will reduce to every 2 weeks then come in  monthly ongoing for a mental booster and detox session to keep them mentally fit and keep their mental strength going.

    Why do you care about mental strength training?

    -When you build mental strength you are building resiliency to stressful events and preventing yourself from developing anxiety and depression.

    -When you build mental strength you don’t let stress or rejection get in the way of your happiness and achievement of goals.

    -When you build mental strength you are prepared to tackle problems and challenges so that you move past them swiftly and don’t miss opportunity.

    -When you build mental strength you learn from situations and keep improving.

    For more information contact The Cognitive Behavior Therapist NY Dr. Jayme Albin info@CBT-NewYork.com or call at (212) 631-1131 today to arrange a free 15 min phone consult.

    Dr. Jayme, Licensed NYS Psychologist and Yoga Instructor.  She is renowned expert in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and other related psychologies and the  application to performance, stress and anxiety.

    Dr. Albin has a BBA in Business Management, a Masters in Developmental Psych, and PhD. in Health Psychology. I

    She has published 2 books in the field. “The Official Idiot’s Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” and “Overcoming fear of Flying: Using  Biofeedback and  Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobia  Treatment”, appeared on national television and number media publication such as the The NY Post, and Presented her research on technology and the advanced treatments at International conferences.


    Mental Strength Training
    Skype or phone sessions are available