• Yoga Therapy

    •  What is Yoga Therapy? Yoga therapy provides clients with many useful tools that can change instantly how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically. Dr, Jayme Albin, a trained Kundalini Yoga instructor teaches clients specific breathing regimens, postures and meditations that can heal the nervous system and balance hormones.  When we combine it with cognitive exercises and psychotherapy that releases emotional and somatic blocks and incorporates a pattern of healing and positive, motivating self talk.  

      Dr. Jayme Albin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She has a Phd. in Clinical Health Psychology and Masters in Development Psychology. She is  also a trained expert in many clinical psychotherapy interventions that combine Mind and Body such as Biofeedback and EMDR. This therapies you advanced technology such as heart rate monitors and light images to help relax or stimulate your nervous system in important ways.

      For more information on building healthy healing patterns of thinking, breathing and visualizing on a deeper level contact us today.

      Dr. Albin in the NY Post on anxiety & phobias
      Dr. Albin in the NY Post on anxiety & phobias
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      Dr. Jayme author of “The Official Idiots Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”
    • Yoga Therapy

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      Dr. Jayme Albin expert in Cognitive Behavior Psychologist & Yoga Therapist Biofeedback, EMDR

       How is Yoga Therapy combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ? We believe in Mind body connection and in order to be at your best performance we believe that includes exercising your brain and establishing connection and discipline in your mind. Dr. Jayme Albin will work together with you on  developing specific meditations and breathing exercise, tap into somatic stored emotions in the body that show up in tensions , breathing and temperature changes. We connect to deeper core schema and needs that are driving reactions.

      We modify thoughts and behaviors that are associated with stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and anger and help you to release emotions stored in the clients physical body.

      Q: What are the benefits of Yoga Therapy? Yoga Therapy provides a system of immediate emotional, physical and mental relief. It is an alternative to medication or a great adjunct without harmful side effects. In clinical studies Yoga therapy has shown to improve brain functioning in healthy adults (memory, concentration, attention), limit brain atrophy in patients with dementia, lower blood pressure, enhance immune system functioning and reduce hyperventilation and panic attacks.

      Q: How does Yoga therapy work in session? NYC Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Instructor, Dr. Jayme Albin will introduce techniques such as sitting positions, breathing exercises and meditations that use mantra (sounds/vibration), eye movements and tapping (EFT) intermittently through the sessions. You will be guided to do yoga therapy after processing deep and painful emotions to help restore a sense of balance before reentering the outside world.

      As a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor Dr. Jayme Albin, PhD incorporates meditations, breathing & postures in to the psychotherapy sessions. Call Dr. Jayme Albin if you would like to learn more about Yoga Therapy, NYC locations in Midtown East