• Stress and Emotional and physical Health are directly related.  We take a Mind Body approach to developing positive, healthy life styles and attitudes for our clients  and that includes managing chronic health related problems!

      Different stressors can cause a wide variety of emotional, behavioral and  physical responses within us resulting in adverse effects. Sometimes these stressors are random and sometimes these stressors are chronic. Our approach directly helps each individual developing physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral coping skills to stressors.

      We develop a blue print to break cycles of negative thinking and bad habits that create more stress, anxiety, anger and depression. These psychological patterns are cycles that become self fulfilling cycles that can make physical sensations and symptoms worsen.

      We combine Cognitive exercises,  Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness  and biofeedback/Yoga Therapy with Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology and Coaching for health related concerns.

      For more information please  call  (212) 631-1133 to find out how you can begin a Health Psychology Therapy program that will change your life at our new york psychotherapy and counseling center.

    • To find out more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in New york, NY 10022 Please contact Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jayme Albin, The CBT NYC at info@cbt-newyork.com

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      Dr. Jayme Clinical Psychologist & Yoga Instructor