• CBT Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

    • Healthy Weight Loss and Life long Weight maintenance is more about Behaviors and Thinking than your diet!   Dr. Jayme, The Cognitive Behavior Psychologist of New York  and our associate consultant www.SculptNYC.com specialize in healthy weight loss and stopping weight regain programs.   

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      CBT Weight Loss & bodyimage programs  Click here to see our specific weight loss programs 

      Our programs are holistic in that we consider each individuals social, health, functional and emotional needs. We address behaviors around food and develop positive replacement healthy habits, develop healthy attitudes around eating, body image, challenge and reprocess emotional eating patterns.  We work to instill  motivation for self care and  healthy living.

      People who are successful at maintaining their weight for longer than 2 years learn about behaviors and thinking patterns that can keep them at their goal weight. This is about choice and choosing to learn the most important behaviors for you that will give you the BEST life possible choice.

      Please contact us to find out if we can help you feel better about You! 

    • CBT Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance

    • Dr Jayme Albin is an expert in Clinical Health Psychology practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral Medicine with a specialty in weight loss behaviors and body image.  Dr. Albin has authored 2 publications on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and hundreds of articles and programs including Stop the Weight Regain Program.

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      Dr. Jayme Albin expert in Cognitive Behavior Psychologist & Yoga Therapist Biofeedback, EMDR
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      Dr. Jayme author of “The Official Idiots Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”