• Depression comes in many different levels of intensity and length of time.

    • Chronic depression is usually felt at least daily for part or almost all of a day. It can last from months to years and eventually can become part of the personís expectation of what life is supposed to feel like and act as though they are ìJust barely going through the motions of life.î Symptoms include lack of motivation, low energy, feeling annoyed easily, mildly inhibited in social situations, and thinking ìnothing is overly exciting or good enoughî.

      Acute depression is often more intense sadness than chronic and is usually experience more painfully. It can be due to a hormonal or neurotransmitter in balance or triggered to a reaction to life experiences. Symptoms include low self worth,no energy, insomnia, appetite changes, avoidance of social situations and pleasurable situations. Thoughts are extremely pessimistic.

      CBT combined with biofeedback, Yoga therapy and EMDR can help any form of depression. All therapy begin with a thorough assessment of the clientís needs and proper diagnosis so that the right therapy goals can be addressed.