• CBT for Social Anxiety

    • Social anxiety or performance anxiety is a form of anxiety that is marked by 2 main symptom areas.

    • CBT for Social Anxiety

    • 1.Feeling extremely insecure about situations involving other people where the person anticipates or feels very judged, scrutinized and criticized by others.

      2.Avoiding situations where you perceive you will be the center of attention.

      Please who have social anxiety tend to avoid making friends, speaking up at meetings at work, become easily overwhelmed by others and anticipate extreme negative consequences to any mistake they might make.

      Sweating, palpitations, or panic attacks are common symptom for suffers in relation to social or performance situations (e.g. speaking in front of group, giving a performance, going on a date, being introduced to someone new)

      Social and performance anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders and can be the most limiting in living a healthy life. CBT, EMDR, biofeedback and Yoga therapy can help reduce the physical sensations and symptoms. Challenge negative or extreme perceptions of your self and beliefs about others, teach you how to be socially engaging and assertive in your manner. Stop avoiding ! For more information please contact Anxiety Specialist of NYC Dr Jayme Albin, PhD at info@CBT-NYC