• Executive CBT Coaching Programs

    Dr. Jayme Albin provides executive coaching to individual professionals, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders looking to gain insight, seek advice, conduct assessment of themselves and potential employees:  and acquire new career skills including  enhanced emotional intelligence, stress and resiliency management, communication and assertion training, leadership and management training, attention and performance training.

    11ajayme1Dr. Albin has a BBA in Business Administration in Banking and Finance from Hofstra Univ., a Masters in Developmental Psych from Columbia University & a PhD. in Clinical Health Psychology from Yeshiva Univ.. She is a certified EMDR therapist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Gottman relationship therapy. She is considered an expert in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and  Mindfulness. She has appeared on National television, presented at the United Nations and authored a book on CBT (The official Idiot’s Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

    Executive Coaching and Organization Programs we offer:

    Work Burnout Stress & Resiliency  Program for Professionals -Learn about the 6 key areas of burnout syndrome and how to combat them. Learn to manage your stress and energy, deal with negative thinking,  difficult personalities, conflict situations  develop control over priorities and role expectations, learn how to feel rewarded and motivated, maintain a sense of self efficacy and positive attitude towards contributions , develop a strong sense of community and leadership versus alienation and competition.  Stay focused on performance,  and contribution connect to values and fairness. Overcome  self defeating outlooks and useless thinking styles of perfectionistic thinking, personalizing , and blaming.

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    Work Place Burnout Program for Leaders and Teams: Have a program designed personally for your organizations needs. Have a professional Psychologist/Yoga Instructor visit your office to incorporate positive, stress management tools and emotional intelligence skills into your corporate culture. Help motivate, stimulate and encourage your employees with different types of rewards and enrichment programs.


    Hiring and Human Capital Management: Use empirically bases questionnaires and  Personality tests to asses potential candidates goodness of fit with your organizational and role needs. Learn valuable conflict resolution, “Transactional” management and “Transformational Leadership” skills.  Learn how to lead and manage a motivated and engaged committed team.

    Success Identity Program: Uncover valuable personality core traits that you envision as part of the successful person you want to be.Learn how to cultivate a committed and positive attitude  and create long term behavior habits that reinforce successful traits. Live the life you want lead by removing insecurities and blind spots that limit success. Learn how to stay resilient in the fact of stress. Develop optimal reasoning and rational thinking skills . Live the life you want to live by successfully being yourself