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      Dr. Jayme Albin  is author of “The Official Idiots Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”

      Welcome to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapist of New York (CBT NYC)

      Are you suffering from a negative mind set, experiencing over reactive emotional behavior, feel anxious or burned out? Are you looking to develop positive attitudes and behaviors, learn to perform better under stress, gain skills to think rationally and optimally, feel calm and understand your work or personal relationships better? Are you holding onto  low self esteem, past issues of trauma and insecurities that are holding you back?,  If you are you looking to learn  to adopt real strategies and  attitudes that are optimal for you, feel balanced and emotionally in control so that you can perform and be creative without allowing negative habits, conflict, insecurities limit you? Then connect with us today info@cbt-newyork.com


      CBT nyc , executive coaching nycConveniently located in Midtown East Manhattan , Dr. Albin has been successfully providing NYC with state of the art treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, performance problems,  and other psychological and somatic  related conditions such as weight loss, body image and  pain management since 2003. In addition Dr. Albin specializes in Corporate Executive Coaching  and Relationship Consulting.

      The Cognitive Behavioral NY offers private and consultation psychotherapy and executive coaching services in Midtown Manhattan (New York, NY) and over video chat and phone . We use  evidenced based mind-body therapies  to help clients achieve personal, professional goals, overcome emotional limits, negative thinking and bad habit while you gain rational and optimal thinking skills, feel calm and balanced and assertive and develop a sense of self efficacy Dr. Jayme Albin, MA, Ph.D is a Clinical  Psychologist, Executive Coach and  trained Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She is certified in EMDR and Gottman Relationship Therapy. She has a BBA from Hofstra University in Banking and Finance, a Masters in Development Psychology from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychologist from Yeshiva University


    • CBT NYC Home

    • Our therapy and executive coaching  sessions combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Performance Therapy, Positive Psychology with somatic based treatments of Biofeedback, Yoga Therapy, EMDR and Virtual Reality Therapy to focus on highly effective treatments that aim to
      CBT nyc , executive coaching nyc

      The focus is on developing an individual plan that identifies and treats all elements of a situation including

      • behaviors 
      • cognitive functions, attitudes and thinking
      • physical sensations
      • and emotional connections